Trump says he ‘probably’ owes money to a foreign bank. He definitely does.

President Trump insists his hundreds of millions of dollars of debt isn’t a big deal. Trump’s tax returns obtained by The New York Times reveal he owes $421 million in debt, something he didn’t deny to NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie during his Thursday town hall. Instead, he tried to play the massive sum off as a “peanut” in comparison with his net worth, insisting it was a natural piece of running a real estate business to “mortgages” in his name. But when Guthrie asked Trump just who he owed that money to, he wouldn’t say. “No, I don’t owe Russia money,” Trump claimed, but didn’t explain further. FINALLY — “On behalf of voters, who do you owe $421 million to?” Trump concedes he *does* the money, says it’s not Russia, but won’t say who it is. “Any foreign bank?” “Not that I know of.” this is a wild exchange with a sitting President: — j.d. durkin (@jiveDurkey) October 16, 2020 It’s been widely reported — and actually disclosed by Trump — that Trump owes millions of dollars to the German-run Deutsche Bank, which reportedly extended him loans despite knowing he inflated his net worth. Kathryn Krawczyk We know who Trump owes the $400 million to. It’s on his disclosure form…why do we keep asking this question? Reporters like @davidenrich who has exposed more of Deutsche Bank’s egregious conduct than anyone else have been trying to tell people this the past two weeks as well — Yashar Ali (@yashar) October 16, 2020